PSX developer mode / Serial port console

With this feature, you can connect to PS1's serial port using TCP/IP.

To enable the serial port console server, you need xhdmi-tools >= 1.8.6

1. Download the config

xhdmi-tools config download config.yaml

2. Edit config.yaml:

# ...
  enabled: false
  port: 7713
  baudrate: 115200
  wordBits: 8
  parity: "N"
  stopBits: "1"
# ...

Set consoleServer -> enabled to true and edit the other settings if needed (defaults should work fine).

Refer to for a list of all config settings

3. Upload the config and restart

xhdmi-tools config upload config.yaml

After a full reset (e.g. xhdmi-tools console reset), the serial port console server is started listening on port 7713.

4. Conect to the serial port console

If you just want the serial output, you can use telnet:

telnet <PS1DIGITAL-IP-ADDR> 7713

I successfully tested exe upload using "Liteload 1.3" and mcomms by Lameguy64 on macos:

# Create a virtual tty
socat PTY,link=$HOME/vmodem0,raw tcp:<PS1DIGITAL-IP-ADDR>:7713

# Use this virtual tty with mcomms
mcomms -dev $HOME/vmodem0 run sigtest.exe